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there's a day left until the primary. a high profile endorsement could impact a heated race. here's what people are talking about today. there's a fierce battle for the state's attorney. it's taken a new turn today. some are calling it a big political announcement. derek valcourt has more on it. >> reporter: we were telling you about the endorsement for jess my and -- jessamy. bernstein also gets one of his own. >> reporter: as pat jessamy seeks another term, she faces
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the toughest election yet. bernstein has earned the support of the top cop and warren brown, now, billy murphy says he's the right man for the job. >> she's had a failed tenure for the state's attorney. there's been so many disasters in that office and so many failed opportunities. it's time for baltimore to get something better than that. >> reporter: jessamy put up a fight of her own. >> i'm tough, smart, and truthful. >> as jessamy took over, violent crime is down 59%. >> if he's arrest -- elected, he'll take us back 60 years. >> saying bernstein would take us back 60 years harkens to the
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racist times. that was inappropriate. >> reporter: pat jessamy is saying that's not what she meant, she said she was talking about bernstein's position on intervention programs. she never brought race up as a discussion. all of this is going to have to be sorted out by voters who get their say tomorrow during the primary, meanwhile, both candidates will be out and about today to meet and greet supporters to get more votes for tomorrow. i'm derek valcourt, eyewitness news. stay with wjz-13 for the complete coverage of campaign 20120. 2010. for the latest, go to opening statements are underway in the trial of the men accused of killing ken harris. he was shot outside of the new haven lounge in 2008.
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several weeks ago, a judge ruled dna evidence linking a man to the crime would be allowed in court. the man's lawyer says it was obtained unlawfully. two others are also charged with the murder. >> a child discovers a man and woman dead in a home and the police believe it was a case of murder suicide. the two were found dead inside the home in ellicott city. wjz learned they were involved in a custody battle of a 7, 5, and 2-year-old. they're being cared for by a relative. it looks like a beautiful week in store for the area. taking a live look outside, it's a perfect september afternoon and we mean perfect. we're live with marty bass in the glorious out back and bernadette woods in the weather center. good afternoon, bernadette.
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good afternoon, don and everyone out there. we had the clouds and fog. sunshine is returning to the region. we'll show you the radar, this is moving through yesterday and it's offshore now. it's still hanging around through extreme northern parts. in our area, we're seeing showers in pennsylvania. we'll open up the view and we'll show you where most of the rain is in up state new york. it's going to stay there for the most part. for what's going on tonight, here's marty in the out back. >> reporter: well, we have to keep our priorities straight. cue the music, it's the same weather we're having in new jersey. that's for the ravens and the jets. perfect football wealth.. 74 degrees at 7:00 here on wjz- 13. our pregame show starts at 6:30 here on the 13.
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go ravens! back inside. as he mentioned, the ravens are playing the jets in new jersey and in front of a national television audience. here's mark viviano with more on the memorable raven's season. >> reporter: the ravens begin the 2010 season in new jersey tonight embarking on a long road that many believe will eventually take them to the super bowl in dallas. if they're successful in the quest, it won't be a cinderella story or a prize -- surprise, this year's team is touted leaguewide as a championship favorite and the reason is the high octane offense. they have new receivers. in addition to old reliable mason and running back rice. with flacco at the helm, they have the potential to pile up the points. they've won here and they have
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great defense, and they haven't won, well, they won one super bowl and we're trying to win multiple and you need a good team in order to do that. >> we want the offense to be as good as can be. you have to go out and execute and handle the pressure and do the things that, that, you need to do to score the points. you can get all of the numbers and still can't win. we want to get the numbers to win. we want to be the winningest offense in the nfl. >> i like to say we have a complete offense and we're looking forward to executing. whether if that's me getting left catches, that's fine. >> reporter: there are questions about the offensive line and on the defense, the aspect of the ravens that's dominant. there's questions about the past coverage with reid out for the season and fox worth out as
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well. the ravens look like a good bet to go far though. they'll take the first step tonight against the jets. >> well, the fans are open about playing the jets. our complete coverage continues with ron matz. well, fired up is right. folks are talking about the ravens and the fans are predicting a big win. they thing gang green will turn purple. the score's going to be 23- 17. hi, i think that the ravens are going to beat the jets 28- 20. >> i'm predicting 21-7. i'm alan and i'm predicting the ravens is gonna be the winner for monday night, 35-10.
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>> ravens, 27-6. >> i'm saying that the ravens will win, 24-7. all right, don, the odds makers have favored the jets, 2 1/2 points. >> but, for the patriots, they're picking them over the jets. >> and you can watch the ravens and the jets at 6:30 this evening. that's it, again here on wjz- 13. still to come on eyewitness news at noon. tax cuts, the president gains an unliely ally in the tax breaks. the ground zero controversy. a maryland nonprofit gets involve in the debate over the muslim cultural center and please take another live look outside. the forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. congress is back at work today. the president wants to give the cuts to all americans. john boehner expressed partial
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changes saying he'll support the tax breaks for families making less than $250,000 a year. he'll give the tax cuts to the wealthy. and the man planning on building the cultural center near ground zero is speaking out about the backlash now. while, at the same time, a baltimore nonprofit group is offering to buy the site. drums for disabilities is offering $6 million to the offer by donald trump to move the center further away. >> taking another live look outside this noon. stick around. this forecast is now 2 1/2 minutes away. first, we'll look at today's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, we're warming up nicely. 74 in d.c. and a lot of 70s out there already. what we have going on, we have the wind and the process turning around to the south west. that's mixing up the atmosphere a little bit. we had the fog during the morning and now, the sunshine's returning and helping to warm things up. here's the storm that moved through yesterday. the driving force is hanging around the north east and we have showers up there because of that. there's another front hanging back in here. there's not a lot to it.
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that could bring us clouds wednesday and a slight chance nor a shower. and overall, it comes together like this. here's the storm system and it gets out of here and this goes to the side wednesday and that gets out of here and a bigger one later thursday and friday. and that will take a southern track into maryland and give us rain into the week. otherwise, we need to talk about the tropics. igor is a category 4 hurricane. with the winds 150 miles per hour. it's moving to the west. it will make the northwest turn. it's moving slowly and so far out there. we'll talk about this one for a while. 155 miles per hour winds make that a large storm. we'll watch it and keep you updated. also, way out there, this is igor. here's julia. that's a tropical storm with
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winds of 140 miles per hour. it's moving to the west and one area that's being monitored in the caribbean that could form as it heads to the gulf. over all for us, it's quiet and 58 degrees overnight and tomorrow, 80 for the high and a beautiful afternoon and then, we have a few storms we'll talk about in the five day. >> looking forward to that. still to come, a new season of surviver is here and we'll talk more with the contestants, live in a moment. >> and here's the stories we're following on the news. here's more on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, we're two day ace way from the survivor premiere. one familiar face the going to join us. if you're into the world of triathlons, she's not an unfamiliar face. >> how's it going. >> great. >> out of site. >> i'm going to start with kelly. >> you're an acceptional athlete. it's going to come out on the show. i don't think it's your
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premiere head line. you're an amputee and you're doing the iron man and you have the second best time in history. you're in shape. >> yeah. >> right off the bat. you're a threat, if i'm in survivor, you're gone. how did you manage to put that aside that you're just human, not extreme. >> >> well, that didn't come out right away. i worked hard on the tribe. i, you know, i worked hard to make sure everyone was an asset. i >> so they didn't know of your stature. they know what you tell them accept for jimmie johnson's case. everyone knows his story. i was careful at first. >> well, let's talk for a second. you're a championship on every level head coach, did they
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think you were trying to get into their minds. well, i tell them, i don't want to be the coach and the leader. plus, i tried to get across to them that i'm not a threat. no jury could give me a million dollars. >> you're a boater, diver, athlete, even at your age. but, still, i was the oldest there and the second oldest ever on the show and all of the things i've been through, i don't think i was a threat to them. and the other thing, if you're a celebrity, you're a target. i tried to get across to them, i'm not a threat. >> well, that was the least of my worries a hair ball. i just wanted food and water. >> hopefully we won't interview until the end of the season. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, marty.
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we'll talk to you later. >> wednesday night, new night. >> i like the bandanna. >> yeah. >> the five-day forecastst,,,,,,
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i'll tell you, being in the out back -- the sunlight is glinting off of the parking lot car windows.
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>> that's a good problem to have. we'll look at the forecast again tonight. here's the forecast tonight. it looks like most of the showers are north of the meadow lands and there are some in new york. over that -- well, that won't bother us, it's a great night for football. >> well, i'll tell you what, it's a great run of mild conditions. the next chance of showers on friday. well, and that rain saturday night, that was a cool day. it helped us stave off the red flag warning. here's the forecast. and one more time, don't forget,the ravens start the regular season here on wjz-13. they're taking on the new york jets. rex ryan and the jets special coverage starts at 6:30 here. and hundreds here this weekend attended a neighborhood get together to embrace all things pig. this weekend was the annual pig
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town festival including running of the animals. it gets the name from around the turn of the sentry when the pigs were hearded. >> well, they're on their way to become pulled pork, unfortunately. >> aww, they're cute though. i think they're cute. >> thank you for watching eyewitness news and wjz-13 maryland's news ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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